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The ultimate exhaust for your RSV4. Every aspect of this exhaust is meant to add horsepower and save weight. Specially made under a technical partnership with Akrapovic where pieces are developed with our race teams. Those pieces are then put to the test on the track and finally Aprilia offers the production version of that exhaust to our customers. Please note that all exhaust systems and ECU maps in these catalogs are for closed course use only and are illegal for use on public roads. This latest EVO2 is our latest generation full exhaust system, it features hydroformed titanium headers for ultimate horsepower, CNC flanges to connect the headers to the manifolds, silicone coated springs, carbon fiber exhaust hanger, carbon fiber exhaust muffler and a removable noise tube for those tracks that have noise limits. What makes the EVO2 design unique is the central collector pipe that creates a crossover between the front bank and rear bank of cylinders, giving even more midrange power with the same topend power. The whole system weighs less than 5 kg and delivers a healthy increase in torque above 4,500 rpm. Much like the WSBK spec exhaust they are derived from, the new EVO2 has a significant increase in pipe diameter over the previous generation 899444. 

All Aprilia/Akrapovic exhausts come with an ECU unlock code that can be used to load a special Race Map onto the ECU. Race ECU map allows for the removal of the exhaust servo valve, servo valve motor, changes lower injector firing, upper injector firing, ignition timing, torque amount requested by the demand sensor. Like the stock map, the ECU mapping has three settings, R/S/T. Unlike the standard ECU mapping, all three R, S and T maps deliver full power - the S ECU mapping offers smoother response, the R mapping limits torque in the first three gears and the T map is full response, full torque. All maps are for track use only. Not available in California.